Sunday, January 30, 2011

A couple of finished pieces

Just got back home from a Fabulous weekend with friends.  We had such a great weekend, as we always do.  Although we had a very busy weekend, we were able to fit in some art time.  My friend Heather had seen a great tutorial on Suzan Buckner's blog, and we used that to guide us.  We both tried to use different color schemes or different subjects than what we normally use, and both pieces turned out so great!  I love both of them. 

Here is my finished piece from this weekend's art day.  It's called "Love Song".  Notice the "143"?  143 is code for "I Love You".  ("I" has 1 letter....."Love" has 4 letters...."You" has 3 letters, hence 143).  And of course the birds are love birds, singing their love song to each other.  :)  It is on wooden panel, so that's a bit different for me, but I loved the texture of working on wood.  And the colors are not a pallette I normally use, although I love the "shabby chic" look of it. 

Speaking of my friend Heather, I have to share my Bob Ross that she got me. 
I love Bob Ross.  I love doing oil painting landscapes using his techniques.  Bob Ross landscapes totally got me over my fear of oil paints.  So this little guy is a finger puppet, and he now has a permanent new home perched on the top of my easel.  I think he's going to make a wonderful muse.  :)

Another art-related development is that I got my fingerless gloves that I purchased on ebay.  Tam (Willowing) uses these in her art course videos, and I love them.  I seem to always have cold hands, and these babies are sooooo warm!  Lookie!

I have one more item on my "show and tell" list today.  :)  I finished my M3 course Goddess!!!!  I am so happy with her.  I could probly tweak small things forever on her, but I've decided that she is "done".  She is the goddess of strength and serenity.  She is a reminder to me that in the face of turmoil, a woman can be beautiful, strong, and serene.  That is what I hope for myself and what I am working toward. 

Here she is:

OK, that's all I've got for today.  Hope each of you have has a weekend that was as wonderful as mine was!



Andrée Lachapelle said...

Wow, you've been a busy bee! Great work - I especially like the goddess. (But I love Klimt and his influence is certainly obvious here.) Good stuff.

Joy said...

Thank you! I have been busy, my muse won't seem to shut up lately, lol!


heather noye said...

I just love your Shabby Chic painting :) But then you know that! The pale greens and pinks look great together. And I love the mixed media birds.

Bob looks mighty comfy on top your easel. Good spot for him.

The Goddess looks beautiful!!! Have you got a frame yet?

Joy said...

Thanks Heather! I'm debating about whether or not to frame the goddess. I really love framing things (I think it pulls the look together), but that's a BIG frame to find, lol.

heather noye said...

RE: Goddess - it would take a HUGE frame... what i do is keep a list of my paintings i want framed and their sizes in my PDA. You never know when you stumble on a good frame deal. Like i did with the two in the hallway. those were total surprises but i LOVE them!

Art Expression said...

I like the "Goddess" and the "love song" painting....well done. You have a nice blog = )