Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Magical Mythical Makings

This week has thus far been incredibly busy.  The kind of busy that makes you want to come home and go straight to bed.  Work has been crazy, and it has sadly left me little time for art this week (or much of anything else either).

I have been able to fit in time for the beginnings of Magical Mythical Makings (M3) over on  I highly, highly recommend taking one of willowing's courses if you have not done so.  I love them. 

So far I have not even had time to put a pencil to paper (or canvas) so far this week, but I have been enjoying chilling out on the couch with my puppies and my art videos before bedtime.  (See afore-mentioned puppies below)

Not many plans for this weekend, so hopefully I can get a good start on creating my magical mythical makings.  Come join me!


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