Sunday, January 23, 2011

Goddess in Progress

As part of the M3 course over at I have been working on my goddess.  I racked my brain trying to come up with a goddess that I primarily identify with.  So I decided to start in the style of Klimt and in the style of the course and see what developed.  So as I worked on her she began to give me the impression of strength and serenity.  That's what she "spoke" to me of.  That often happens to me when I create.....I start off with a very general concept and as the piece develops it takes on a life of its own and IT tells ME what it wants to be.  Sounds crazy, I know, but thats my experience. 

So here are some pics of my Goddess of Strength and Serenity.

Here is a picture of the initial sketch.  She is on a 24x36 she is HUGE!

Sketching on canvas is a pain.  Graphite does not want to come off! 

Here is what I have accomplished so far:

I'm unsure what to do with the background right now.  I'm thinking of torn book pages or texture paste, or gold leaf.  Not sure.  Perhaps I'll just paint it. 

I have had so much fun making this goddess. My Husband jokingly said she could be the Goddess of Patchwork Quilts, LOL.  Obviously He doesn't know the style of Gustav Klimt.  :) 

We are supposed to get snow tonight .  I have my fingers crossed that I will be snowed in tomorrow and can do art all day.  We have bread, milk, cereal, and paint in the house.  We're all good for a nice snow day!!!


enchantedwoodland said...

Your Goddess is beautiful! She looks strong and serene-- not easy to pull off! Wish I were taking this course!


heather noye said...

She looks beautiful!!!

Joy said...

Thank you!!!! She's "almost" finished. I'll post a finished pic later. :)