Sunday, January 23, 2011


I recently joined ATCs for All.  I began to photograph the ATCs I have available for trade in order to post them to the site.  Thought I would post them here as well.  :)

This is Bachelor #3.  He has a beeswax background and a very dashing bowtie and hat!

Here we have Spring:

Petals #1:

Petals #2:

Mermaids have more fun!:
Naughty & Nice:
Abstract #1 (which funnily enough has a nice shot of my finger in one of the mirrors....):

 And finally, Santa!:

Anyone want to trade?  :)


heather noye said...

Love them all! :) Specially The Bachelor (he's dashing. I wonder how he'd do on the tv show The Bachelor?), your petal series and Naughty or Nice (my guess is naughty!)

Joy said...

Thanks!! And yeah...she's naughty, cuz really that's much more fun, LOL!