Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Creating An Inspirational Space

Over the past couple of months I've been slowly trying to make my art room more of an inspirational space instead of a cluttered mess.  I tend to create and work in our living room, lol, although I have a whole room dedicated to art space.  I prefer to sketch, draw, paint, etc., in our living area where I can hang out with my handsome Husband.  But the drawback to that is that our living space ends up housing a lot of my art clutter.  :)

So I thought it was time to make the art room a little more inviting.  I can always use it when Husband isn't home, and I can use it to display finished pieces to gain inspiration, and also to store my supplies in a more orderly way. 

So I cleaned out all the storage cabinets and labeled everything so that I can locate supplies easier.  I hung up most of my canvases using a display idea I got from my friend.  And just lately, I found a display idea for loose artwork on a blog I was reading.  Here's a picture.....I have done this with both windows in the art room, and I love the way it looks!

I had all these loose pieces in a portfolio stored away, but how much more fun it is to have them out where I can see them!  They seem to brighten up the room and I've started hanging out in there more.  I find myself wandering in there just to look around at everything and think about how I have improved and what I want to work on improving. 

In other art news I am loving the ATCs For All site.  I've mailed 2 ATCs for swaps this week, and I've joined another ATC swap for mixed media ATCs.  I have some ideas for some ATCs, but I am engrossed with my M3 course and finishing my goddess.  I've made some progress on her, but I don't want to post another picture of her until it's done.  I hope to finish it this week, but I'm starting to think that I could tweak it for quite a while until it can be called finished.  :)



Micki Wilde said...

I love seeing art dangling on strings like that, I have 2 strings like that in my art room too ;)

heather noye said...

I love this!!! I can't wait to see your art room up close and personal (although yes, we do tend to paint in the living room LOL) I used to do postcards and snapshots on a string like that. I really love seeing your works on paper displayed this way.

Willow Branch said...

i just finished trying to re-organize my art area. I think it's don'e but I'll have to wait til I start creating. I love the art hung up like that.


Joy said...

Thanks Micki, Heather, and Pam!! Hanging them up like that seems like such a simple idea, but it's so cute in reality! :)

Heather....can't wait for you to see it in person too! :)

Patti said...

OK, so you're intimidated by a sewing machine but not by tackling an 'intense' studio and creating such beauty?! I love your art and those ATCs are fabulous! I haven't made any in a while, maybe I'll get inspired. The altered fabric book class is amazing. It does take a LOT of time to create so many pages and, my sewing machine (remember, unused for many years) cooperated fine the first time I used it and then yesterday, no changes, thread is winding around the bobbin - arrgghh!!:) Hopefully I'll win:)

Joy said...

Thank you Patti! Good luck with the sewing machine. I'll look forward to reading about the beautiful things you create!