Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Guarded Heart

So we just got back from our weekend trip to visit best friends in GA.  I have a TON of things I'd like to blog about, but I just can't wait to post the mixed media piece I did with my friend.  I have had a "phobia" about working with clay due to recent attempts that resulted in utter failure.  My friend, however, makes wonderful things with clay, so this weekend she taught me a little about working with polymer clay.

The whole process started with a lump of polymer clay (white) which we ran through a pasta machine and then shaped into a heart form.  Once that was done a vintage-style lock was pressed into the clay and rubber stamps were used to give it some texture.  We also coiled some wire and placed that into the soft clay to form a mechanism for attachment. 

Mine's the one on top in the picture, and as you notice they are lying on wooden frames that we'll dress up.  Next we baked the clay in the oven until we thought it was dry.  Meanwhile we began working on the wooden frames.  I decided to paint mine a blue undercoat with the middle insert covered in a silver metallic textured scrapbook paper.  Then when the hearts were dry, we removed them from the oven.

The next step was to gesso the heart and cover the frame with crackle and silver topcoat.  Then once the heart was dry, I painted it a crimson red with silver dry-brush accent.

 Then it was time to assemble.  I chose a red ribbon from my friend's supplies, and decided on eye hooks to insert into the frame and tie the ribbon onto.  Also, the middle silver insert was cut to size and inserted easily into the center of the frame.

So I wanted to add a caption of sorts to tie the piece together.  I decided that this spoke to me and said it was a "guarded" heart.  One that obviously had seen turmoil and strife, but still held some inner beauty and elegance.  I think of this as a heart that is only accessible if one if willing to brave the defenses and be bold enough to seek out the key that opens the tightly locked heart.  But obviously a guarded heart would not allow just anyone it would be highly defended.

With all that in mind, here's how it turned out:

I enjoyed making this for so many reasons:  I got to work side by side with my best friend, I learned a little about clay and may be brave enough to try it on my own now, this piece was one of those rare ones that told me its story as it went along, and plus I got to use flechette rounds, LOL (that's what the arrow things are....).    It's also one of the rare pieces that I truly felt was done when I got finished.

More about my wonderful weekend later, I'm all tired out now and need to go to sleep.  :)


heather noye said...

it came out great!!!!! I had so much fun making them too :D

Andrée Lachapelle said...

It's lovely!

Joy said...

Thank you so much Heather and Andree! :)