Sunday, May 29, 2011

Landscapes, Art Journal, and Jess Reno-inspired art

I've had a pretty creative week and have finished some landscapes, an art journal page, and a Jesse Reno-inspired piece.  Since my Husband was on call this weekend we weren't able to take a road trip, so today was devoted to hanging out around the house and doing art.

Here are the two landscapes I finished.  These are part of the misty forest landscape class by Tim Gagnon that I signed up for recently.  I'm enjoying the class very much, although the videos are glitchy.  The class is turning out to be very interesting for learning about shading and light sources.  Here are the first two finished landscapes of the class:

Today I also finished an art journal page: "Soar".  I've noticed that a lot of my art journal pages have a growth or serenity theme.  My life is professionally at a cross-roads right now, so I understand why the theme keeps coming through, although it's definitely a sub-conscious thing.

And lastly I finished a piece in the style of Jesse Reno.  His style is very very different than my own, but I have enjoyed playing around with the technique since returning from Art and Soul.  It is definitely a very free experience and also a method that tends to invest much more of your self into the finished piece.  Here is the finished piece "Chrysalis":

Next time I try this method I really need to take in progress pictures.  This piece looks totally different than it did when I put down the first layer of paint.  It's very in keeping with the change and growth theme that seems to be showing up in all my art lately.  Sometimes the universe speaks to you so loudly it's just hard to ignore!  :)

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  Hope you have a great long weekend.


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heather noye said...

Wow! They are all fabulous in very different ways.

The landscapes are beautiful. are they acrylics? oils? i love the quiet woodsiness of both :) makes me wanna grab my boots and go hiking actually. lol

i so agree with you on your ideas about Jesse's painting style. it really makes you dig deep!!!

keep soaring! see you soon!!! :)