Sunday, May 8, 2011

Art and Soul, Day 3

On day 3 of Art and Soul we took the Resin Journal class with Ty and Marcia Schultz.  Visit their blog here.  We actually made several different things with resin in the class:  a ring, several resin papers, and either journal covers or collage-type works on canvas boards.  I decided to make collage works on the canvas boards and coat them with resin rather than making journal covers.

First we made the rings and filled them with resin so that they would have time to cure by the time class was over.  I happened to have some Art Chix images on hand, and they fit perfectly in the ring blank.  I used an image of a beautiful lady for my ring, but I want to make a more 3-D ring with structure sometime soon at home.  Here is a pic of the rings my friend Heather and I made.  My ring is on the left, and her beautiful ring is on the right:
While our rings were curing we went on to start our canvas board collages.  I tried to use a mix of papers, images, and 3-D embellishments.  Here is my first one:
And here is my other, the beautiful princess:
I really enjoy how the canvases turned out.  We also made some gorgeous resin papers, which can be glued, sewn, etc.  I didn't photograph my resin papers, but I had some origami paper which is stunning when coated with resin.  I did try coating fabric with resin, which theoretically will work, but I did not enjoy how it looked or felt.  I can't wait to see how I can use the resin papers in other works. 

So on Saturday night after class we met up with some folks from Gary Reef's ning group.  They were a fun group, and one of the members brought berets and fake mustaches for everyone.  It was HILLARIOUS to see everyone wearing them.  Here is a pic of me and Heather in our berets and mustaches...cuz every "real" artist should have a beret and a mustache, lol.
So after this pic was snapped I called it a night to prepare for the next day.  Art and Soul is truly an exhausting experience, packing in so much fun in so little time.  :)

Ok, another post about day 4 coming soon.  I have had a great weekend creating assemblages and art journal pages.  I'm addicted to the art journaling experience, and I'm blaming Ophelia for that since she inspired me so much at a recent visit to Jerry's Artarama in Raleigh.  :)

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Deirdra Doan said...

Hi how did you like the class? Have you used resin since or was it several kinds? Love Blogs..thanks for posting...