Wednesday, March 2, 2011

M3 Course Mermaid

Well after really struggling with the M3 Course Mermaid week, I have finally finished.  Why did I struggle with this lesson?  We were to create a Chagall-inspired mermaid.  And quite honestly, I really dislike Chagall.  I can appreciate the dream-like quality of his work and the whimsical, nonsensical (chickens????) style, but in terms of his figures and composition I just can't dig it.  I tried to work through the block that the lesson presented, but in the end I have to admit that I caved in and returned to the style that I enjoy. 

My mermaid is on an 11x17 wood panel.  She started, of course, with the initial sketch:
Next, I laid down some base colors with water-soluble crayons and acrylic paint:

The next step was to start the background.  I used torn book pages, stamps and ink, brayered paint, and mica flakes.  I also added strands of hair to add some interest:
So I finished her up tonight.  I added some oil pastels, some crystals to give the illusion of bubbles, and I gave her (and the fish) mega-thick eyelashes.  *grin*  Here she is, finished:

And although I did cave in and not truly complet a Chagall-inspired mermaid, I do enjoy how she turned out.  And really, that's kind of the best thing about art.....when you "cheat" it's really just expressing your own artistic vision.  At least that's my story....and I'm sticking to it!  lol

I've also been working on some ATCs for Art and Soul.  I have 3 completed especially to take for trade and need to complete many more.  Luckily I have plenty of ideas, just need the time to work on them. 

The weekend is coming soon....hope you have wonderful plans!



Briarwood Miniatures said...

Joy, she turned out beautifully. I, too, had a really hard time with Chagall. Just not my cup of tea. :(


Joy said...

Thanks Cia. I'm excited to move on to fairies and unicorns week! :)


BlindMegara said...

Finaly an artist who shows the progress of her work ! yes ! :D how strange it is to find that we were both drawing a mairmaid ! (i'm not following your art course at all...and sry for my english i'm french) Your jellyfish is better than mine ! oO !!!
Blind xxx

Joy said...

Hi Blind! Thanks so much!! I really enjoy seeing blogs where there are pictures of the work in progress, so I wanted to make a habit of showing that on my own blog.

Your English is fine! My French, however, is nonexistant's such a beautiful language.

Thank you for the comment!


heather noye said...

i love her Joy!!!! the whole picture came out beautifully. And i love how you used crystals for the bubbles in the water. It really adds something to the whole painting.

i've gotta tell you, one of the best projects i did in art school (and one of the best grades i ever got) was when i didn't follow the rules. It really wasn't intentional. I zoned out mid-way thru the class and didn't write down the whole assignment. But it just goes to show you, some of the best stuff happens when you break the rules.

Joy said...

Thanks Heather! I agree about not following the rules.....that's when the magic happens, lol!! Well, sometimes anyways..... :)