Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lotsa ATCs

Since finishing my mermaid for the M3 course, I have done a lot of ATCs for swapping.  Hopefully these will go with me to the Hampton, VA Art and Soul in late April.  I need to get started on my fatbook, but I don't have any composition ideas yet.  So until inspiration strikes, I will work on ATCs for trading. 

I thought I would share some photos of the ATCs I've completed:

First is Floral:

Next is Pocketful of Posies:

From This Day Forward:
A Moment in Time:

First Love:

Lady Luck:

and Blue Christmas (lol, I'm either really late or really early for the Christmas season....)

Besides the ATCs, I also dabbled a little bit in my encaustic paint.  It was an utter disaster.  The videos I've watched and the books I've read make it look easy, but it's NOT.  I put them away until I can take a class because I was getting so frustrated. 

I think I will go get started on my Fairies and Unicorns video for the M3 course.  I believe this is the last installment in the course.  I have utterly enjoyed it, and am already thinking about the next class I can take, lol.  There is a landscape oil painting class I've really got my eye on.

Have a most wonderful weekend!!



heather noye said...

your ATCs look great!!!! looks like you're still in a Valentine's day mood :D

sarah playle said...

Your ATC's are amazing!! I just picked up a pack to try but they're nothing at all like yours. They're all just simple drawings. I just can't quite get the feel for mixed media work like I used to

Joy said...

Thanks Heather! Yeah, I noticed a romance theme when I was done with them, lol.

Sarah, thank you!! I usually spread out all my images and ink pads, stamps, etc. and kind of group everything to see what "fits" together, then I just assemble it on the card. Sometimes the small format is challenging though. :)


Michele Pacey said...

Your cards are so lovely Joy! I think my favourite is the pocket full of posies. I can't wait for spring to come... Come on Spring!!!

Anyway, I've been hearing about encaustic paint a lot lately. Something about layers of wax and paint? Sounds time-consuming but the pieces I've seen are really cool with a very interesting texture. Taking a course is probably a good idea. But your oil paint course idea is pretty inviting too... so many options!

Joy said...

Hi Michele! Thanks for commenting, I love your blog!

The texture of the encaustics is what I am so intrigued with. But they sure are daunting to me.....hope to learn more about it at the Art and Soul retreat coming up.