Sunday, March 20, 2011

A stressful week

Wow, it's been a crazy stressful week.  My Husband and I are in the process of selling a house that has been on the market for over a year now.  It's an extreme relief to have this almost done, but working out the logistics of how to close and how to get the rest of the stuff out of the house (it's in Texas, and we're now in North Carolina) has been crazy stressful.  Thankfully it will all be over tomorrow, when the buyers sign the closing papers.  *whew*

Haven't had much time for art this week, but I did finish a piece yesterday.  I had been browsing the current issue of Somerset Studio magazine before bed one night and was really enjoying the Kelly Rae Roberts artist portfolio article.  So yesterday while I was waiting for Husband to get back from Texas, I dragged out an old canvas that had been living in the box of shame.  The box of shame is where all the unfinished canvases I'm unhappy with go to stay.  It's the box of canvases that are started but just never went anywhere know, the train wrecks that you just want to paint over and start again.  :)

I decided to rework one of these canvases into something in the style of Kelly Rae Roberts.  I find her work very inspiring, very sweet, almost vintage in appearance, but whimsical as well.  I really enjoy her artwork.  So just as we did in the M3 course where we worked in the style of another artist to inspire something of our own creation, I used the work of Kelly Rae Roberts to inspire this piece. 

The canvas is 16x20, with many, many different materials:  lace, cardboard, crackle paint, scrapbooking paper, loose canvas (for the girl and the text), hand made papers, glitter paint, acrylic, and water soluble crayons.  Can you see the Kelly Rae Roberts influence?  I see it, but I see a little of myself in there too.  :) 

Have a wonderful week ahead.  I'm hoping to maybe get in some more art time today.  Need to work on art and soul trades, but there's some fabric tutorials online I've been wanting to try. 



sarah playle said...

the piece if beautiful. I love how you mixed all the different mediums. And I to, have a box of shame:P It's actually a wall of shame hidden behind a shelf*L*

heather noye said...

it came out great!!!!! i love the palette you used.

and glad to hear the closing is soon!!!!!! i know you'll be very happy to have that in your rear view mirror. do either of you have to go back to Texas for the closing?

Joy said...

Thanks sarah and heather!

sarah, the wall of shame behind the shelf sounds like something I would do, lol. Any plans to rework any of them? :)


VildesVerden said...

Oh, that is nice - I really like it!

Joy said...

Thank you Vildes! :)