Sunday, February 13, 2011

This Week in Art

In this week's art-related news I have completed some cute backgrounds on canvas boards, finished several ATCs for swapping, did some sketching, and received a wonderful present from my Husband!  I have some photos to share, and what I noticed is that a lot of what I've worked on this week has a Valentine's Day feel to it.  And yet....I still am behind on my Valentine's day gifts.  *sigh*  My initial thought isn't going to work out so now I'm brainstorming about what plan B should be. 

Here's my lunch time sketch from earlier this week.  She's a little shy, and clearly besotted with an unknown love interest.  I like her, and I think I would love to finish it on canvas with some paint.

Here are the backgrounds I've been playing around with.  I am now totally lost about what to do with them, but as they are all laid out here together I love the colorful appearance.  :)  It looks like a confetti explosion, lol.  Underneath the confetti explosion on these canvas boards are some old pieces that I hated.  This is one way to give them new life.  Now I just need some inspiration about what to do with them next, lol.

I wanted to share the ATCs I finished.  These are not committed to any swaps yet, but I thought I should get a head start on making ATCs for the upcoming Art and Soul retreat.

Here is Amore:
Next is Bloom:

Below is Vintage Love:
And lastly Chrysalis:

Today I got the bestest present for Valentine's Day.  My Husband got me a sewing machine and all the accessories!!!!  I want to learn to sew so bad (not to make clothes necessarily, but more to do art and mixed media stuff).  I am so excited that I got the sewing machine, and I plan to start learning how to use it later today.  Here's my present:

Now I need "Sewing for Dummies" or something, lol.  To be honest this thing intimidates the heck outta me!!  Wish me luck on the learning curve!

Off to go learn to sew.  Have a happy Sunday everyone!



kattyg said...

WOW! first of all!!! I wanna a sewing machine me too!!! :P and I love your whimsy valentine girl! And all the ATCs :-) great jobs... and now I would like to see your sewing creations! :-)

Joy said...

Thank you kattyg!! I hope I can avoid sewing my fingers first of all, then I'll work on creating pretty things, LOL. :)


sarah playle said...

I love the first drawing. The girl is adorable, and would look good done with any medium:) And great for the present!

Joy said...

Thanks Sarah! When the M3 course is done I will probably paint her. Oh, and I managed to do a little sewing last night with the new machine.....and I still have all my fingers!! :) lol

Patti said...

OK, now it's time for making altered fabric books!! :) I'm so glad you got a machine - I'm still arguing with mine but it does open a lot of possibilities. Celebrate your wonderful art!!

heather noye said...

We can has a sewing art day next time!!! LOL

I love your sketch. She does have a shy look to her :)

Joy said...

Hi Patti! How is your altered fabric book coming along? The last photo I saw looked great!

Wish me luck on my sewing machine may inspire me to attempt an altered fabric book (although right now I'm too much of a sewing newb to attempt it, lol).


Joy said...

@Heather....Do you have a sewing machine? For some reason I can't remember if you do or not. Mine has a handy dandy handle if I need to bring it for our next art day! :)