Sunday, April 24, 2011

Catching up...

Wow, Art and Soul is just days away.  I am so excited, but there is so much to do too.    This weekend my friend Heather came up and we had a great weekend filled with art time, a trip to Jerry's Artarama, and just hanging out.

Saturday, we went to Raleigh to go to Jerry's Artarama.  We both needed some items for Art and Soul, and what better place to go??  We met a lovely artist there, Ophelia, who was demonstrating some great art products.  In fact, you can see her blog here.  What a lovely lady, with an enthusiastic spirit.  I loved seeing how acrylic inks work, and I purchased some bottles to try.  I have loved working with them in my art journal.  Here are a couple of pages I did this weekend using my new supplies:

And another (The Stars Are Within Your Reach):

I also was able to finish up a couple more trades for Art and Soul.  I hope some people will like these whimsy girls collage pieces.  They make me smile.  Here are the two I finished this weekend:

This one is "Slave to Fashion":
And the other one is "Beautiful Princess":
Tonight I'm going to finish packing up my boxes of supplies for Art and Soul.  And hopefully I will be able to finish at least a couple more trades before I go. 

I have to share this cool picture of me and my Husband.  We went from Jerry's Artarama over to the Melting Pot for an early dinner (what a great day, huh??), and that's where this was taken:

So that was my wonderful weekend.   Hope you had a wonderful one of your own.  :)



Ophelia said...

Wow!!!! Your work is awesome! It was so great meeting you guys on Saturday!! I LOVE what you have done with the inks you got! Your trades ROCK! Stay in touch PLEASE!

Joy said...

Thank you Ophelia! Those inks are totally addictive. :)

Andrée Lachapelle said...

I love love love love LOVE! The beautiful princess!

heather noye said...

Love them!!! :D i just love how you finished off the Reach for the Stars one!!! Yes, those inks are so addicting! I'm glad I left mine in my Art-and-Soul box in case we get some time to play.